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  • How to Send Crypto on Metamask?

  • Sending a cryptocurrency token from one address to another is a straightforward process with Metamask. Still, you need to be aware of a few things before you could make that transaction. Here is how to send and receive cryptocurrency from one account to another.
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  • How to Send Crypto on Trust Wallet?

  • As the trust wallet is non-custodial, you can easily send and receive from the Trust wallet browser extension to any valid address or account
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  • How to Add Optimism Network to Metamask

  • The optimism network solves Ethereum’s speed and transaction cost problems, and it works with existing Ethereum applications. Let’s see how to add and use the Optimism network with Metamask.
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  • How to Add the Polygon Network to Metamask?

  • Polygon network offers a few key benefits over the Ethereum main-net to solve the scalability issues of Ethereum. And because it is based on Ethereum, you can easily use your Matic tokens on Ethereum applications like Metamask. Here is how to quickly add and set up the Polygon network in MetaMask.
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  • Where to Find the Private Key in Metamask?

  • The private key is a 64-hex-digit long string generated by a complex algorithm. MetaMask allows you to directly access this key. Here are the steps to follow.
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  • How to See BSC Address in Trust Wallet?

  • The Trust wallet doesn’t explicitly show your account address on the homepage like MetaMask due to its support for some non-EVM chains. If you want to see the public addresses for these or any networks on Trust wallet, here is how to do it.
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  • How to Find a Recovery Phrase in the Trust Wallet?

  • Let’s see how to get your secret recovery phrase from the Trust wallet so that you can import that account to another device or another supported wallet.
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  • Is My MetaMask Address Same for Different Networks?

  • Let’s test the theory of whether your MetaMask address is the same for different networks. Let’s see what exactly changes when you change the network and when does your address change exactly?
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